UCU Elective Courses

Students have the opportunity to enroll in up to three of the elective courses listed below.  Electives are courses offered through Uganda Christian University. Students may also take additional African Context courses to fulfill elective credits.
Note: Because UCU course scheduling is a decentralized process, USP cannot guarantee every possible combination of classes. Thus, we strongly recommend that students receive home campus approval for at least one additional class to allow for some flexibility when registering for classes in Uganda. Registration can only be finalized once students arrive in Uganda.

The following elective courses are offered by UCU through the USP department. They generally only enroll USP students and as a result are subject to minimum enrollment numbers.

Language Courses

Students may take level I and level II courses in sequence during the same semester, if desired.

The following elective courses are offered by different UCU departments and made available to USP students. Because each department sets its own schedule just a few weeks before each semester, USP cannot absolutely guarantee that the following courses will fit into your schedule. If your participation in the USP depends on having any of these classes guaranteed, please email us.

Health & Wholeness

Understanding Ethics from a Christian Perspective

Understanding the New Testament

Understanding the Old Testament

Understanding Worldviews


••• Additional electives may be available when students register in Uganda. •••

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