Core Course:
Faith & Action in the Ugandan Context

4 semester credits: REQUIRED for all students

Faith & Action in the Ugandan Context combines a traditional classroom component (e.g., readings, discussion, small group processing, lecture) with a broad spectrum of experiential learning (e.g., living and studying with Ugandan students, home stays with Ugandan families, travel to various regions of Uganda & Rwanda, exposure to both missionaries and Ugandans involved in various social services). The course begins at orientation and continues through the final debrief retreat. Evaluation methods may include written assignments, verbal presentations, class participation, informal and formal debrief sessions, creative projects, journal entries, and one-on-one discussions.

Topics covered in Faith & Action reflect the students’ experience in Uganda, and throughout the semester students are encouraged to integrate the academic material with their experience of life in Uganda. After beginning with understanding and learning from cross-cultural experiences, we explore how exposure to traditional African beliefs challenges our own faith. We then look at issues related to the way Christians respond to poverty and suffering.  From this academic and experiential foundation we examine our own North American Christianity with particular emphasis on personal conviction and response.

Download the Faith and Action Syllabus