Apply to one of our three different academic emphases – Social Work Emphasis (SWE), Global Health Emphasis (GHE), or Interdisciplinary Emphasis (IE) – for a semester marked by academic excellence, authentic relationships, and transformational learning. Through courses at UCU, internships in the surrounding communities, field trips throughout Uganda, and cross-cultural relationships with professors and peers, you'll dig deeper into your academic discipline and start to see how these intercultural experiences impact your own life and vocation. 

The following are recommended credits for the various emphases, which includes 13-19 credits.
* indicates required courses


Interdisciplinary Emphasis                              
(open to all majors)


Faith & Action in the Ugandan Context* 4
Cross-Cultural Practicum* 4-6
African Context Courses  3-12
Language or UCU Elective Course 0-3


Global Health Emphasis
(all biological sciences & public health majors)


Faith & Action in the Ugandan Context* 4
Cross-Cultural Practicum in Global Health* 4-6
Pick two elective courses: 6-8
     Infectious Disease & Epidemiology  
     Microbiology & Lab  
     African Context Course  
     Language Course  
     UCU Elective Course  


Social Work Emphasis                                       
(social work majors)


Junior Level  
     Faith & Action in the Ugandan Context* 4
     Junior Social Work Practicum* 4
     Social Work Seminar* 2
     African Context Course 3-6
     Language or UCU Elective Course 0-3
Senior Level  
     Faith & Action in the Ugandan Context* 4
     Senior Social Work Practicum* 10
     Social Work Seminar* 2




African Context Course Options  
     East African Literature 3
     East African Politics since Independence 3
     Religions in Contemporary Uganda 3
     Luganda I 3
     Luganda I & II 6
     Kiswahili I 3
     Kiswahili I & II 6
UCU Elective Courses  
     Understanding Old Testament 3
     Understanding New Testament 3
     Understanding Worldviews 3
     Understanding Ethics 3
     Health & Wholeness 3


Uganda Studies Program at Uganda Christian University