Program Fees  

Roughly four weeks before the start of the semester, the USP will send an invoice to a student’s university. This invoice will take into consideration the $300 confirmation deposit paid by the student (which will be deducted from the Room & Board costs).  

Fall 2024 / Spring 2025

   Tuition = $11,100
   Room & Board = $2,800

   TOTAL = $13,900

   Confirmation Deposit = $300

   Balance for Invoice = $13,600

Please note: depending on your university's policies, the total costs billed to you by your campus may differ.

What’s included in the program fees?

  • 16 hours of academic credit
  • Housing in a homestay and/or dormitory
  • Meals
  • Required program travel and field trips
  • All necessary transportation for internships, field trips, and program related activities.
  • Pickup/dropoff from Entebbe International Airport at the start and end of the semester provided you arrive and depart within the given arrival and departure window. Arrival or departure outside of the window will not be covered by the program.

What’s not included in the program fees?

  • Travel between your home and Entebbe International Airport
  • International medical insurance valid in Uganda and Rwanda.
    • Your campus may provide this for study abroad students. Please check with your study abroad coordinator.
  • Visa (approximately $100)
  • Passport
  • Discretionary personal transportation
  • Incurred personal medical expenses
  • Other personal expenses
  • Fees to be paid in Uganda in US dollars or Uganda Shillings:
    • Book & Supplies deposit* $50
    • Scrubs Deposit (GHE students)* $20
      *Will be refunded at the end of the semester, provided supplies are returned in good condition.
Reminder: depending on your university's policies, the total costs billed to you by your campus may differ.

International Travel

USP Students are responsible for booking their travel to and from Uganda and must plan travel arrangements to allow for participation in all required program activities. Program housing is not available outside of program dates.

It is very important to book flights within the designated arrival and departure windows which will be provided in your post-acceptance materials.

All semester specific dates will be communicated in the post-acceptance materials. Do not purchase tickets until you have received this information!

Refund Policy

Once students have been accepted and paid their $300 deposit they must notify the USP@UCU if they wish to withdraw their enrollment from the program. A notice of withdrawal must be in writing or by email. Depending on the date of notification, the following refund policies will be followed.

Students who are accepted into the USP@UCU and confirm their participation through the $300 nonrefundable deposit, and then withdraw less than 30 days before the USP start are responsible for paying any unrecoverable expenses (up to 15% of total tuition and room & board).

Students who withdraw or are dismissed from the USP@UCU after the program begins may be eligible for a partial refund of tuition. Room & board will not be refunded after the program begins. Withdrawal/dismissals within the first three weeks of the program are eligible for a 75% refund of tuition; from four to ten weeks, 50% of tuition will be refunded; and after ten weeks, no tuition will be refunded. All refunds and withdrawal fees are determined from the date a written statement of withdrawal (or dismissal) is received by the USP@UCU director.

Uganda Studies Program at Uganda Christian University