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No position openings at this time. 

Alumni Ambassadors

We are looking for recent alums to engage in a variety of activities or events to get the word out about the USP. It could be anything from a large event, to creating a YouTube video, or even just setting up a one-on-one meeting. Some activities are volunteer, and some are paid. Find out more and let us know your interest by clicking on the link below:


  • ALLOW AMPLE TIME FOR PROCESSING AND DELIVERY! Requests take between 2 and 5 days to fulfill in addition to Postal Service delivery time.
  • At this time, we do not have the ability to produce official electronic transcripts. (Though we can send a PDF copy via email at your request, most universities will not accept this as an official document.)
  • USP is not responsible for orders that are lost or delayed by mail carriers. For non-express delivery orders, we cannot guarantee the transcript’s arrival date or time.
If we have a transcript on file for you in our US office we will send it (regular mail) at no cost. Transcripts that need to be reissued from Uganda Christian University will incur a cost of $20.00 each (and may take up to a month to arrive). Our USP office will be in touch once you complete this form to let you know if there will be a cost to you.

Alumni Around the World

Take a look at where our alumni are living and working these days. This is a map of all USP Alumni according to most recent mailing address. Email us to update or request info!

Please note, only one person is shown on the main map for cities in which multiple alumni reside, but you can click through the semesters for different information to show for a specific city.
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